Lenten Devotional (click here to download)

Sundays in Lent:  Discovering God's Call in the Not Yet

We can probably all think of a host of experiences from our own lives in which we occupy the space between the no longer and not yet.  But we are not left alone in this space.  God is here, present-tense, each and every day, calling to us, accompanying us, renewing and recreating us, over and over again.  This Lent, you are invited into the spiritual practice of vocare, a practice designed to help you discover and embrace various ways that God call you in everday life so that even amid the not yet, you can more intentionally live life on purpose for the common good.

Wednesdays in Lent:  Out of the Depths (based on the book of Jonah)

Jonah walks a Lenten path.  Like all human beings, he is prone to wander from his Creator in favor of determining the shape and scope of his own future.  This temptation is especially powerful when God calls us to take on risky ventures, travel to strange places, and confront things inside of us that prevent us from seeing one another as God does.  God meets us in those liminal, Lent-like spaces when we find ourselves somewhere between trust and doubt, courage and fear, anger and empathy.